This coin is worth a lot, to make your head spin: here's which one and why

Dear friends Coin loversWe are here again to enjoy and admire this A piece of history and art Which one are they? Coins. We’ve talked about several times Pounds and pounds worthpraising the latter at the expense of the euro, which many see as worthless.

This time, however, we want to break the shaft in favoreuro, this is the currency that over the course of twenty years has made us discuss so much. The currency that we are going to analyze today is a currency 2 euros with bullIn the following lines we know its history and value.

2 euros with bull

2 euros with a bull among many online newspapers One of the most discussed topics Today we will see why. First, let’s start by telling you it’s a file Greek origin; His representation was chosen from among many by the Minister of Economy and the Governor of the Greek Bank.

This represents, On the one hand, the common face of 2 euros Which we know so well, on the other hand Scene Taken from Spartan mosaic From the third century AD: Europa was kidnapped by Zeusthe latter, as you may have guessed by now, contains semi bull; What made people discuss more than anything else. Rather, it is having one Small S inside one of the 12 stars Found in the silver crown of the coin. This can be easily explained if you consider that Greece, at the time of the introduction of the euro, was not at all prepared for the fact of having samples, and He had to ask for some countries’ help Who minted Greek coins for her.

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Even here it has been exposed The secret of the little S which does not represent anything other than a monogram of the nation that made the piece; In this case, Finland. However, the ones that can have a very high value are the same coins that they have instead minting error, probably due to the frenetic pace of printers; The ones that can really turn the day!


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