stripping news returned to occupysnooze and the delay family allowances That puts a lot of people in extreme difficulty. In fact, there are hundreds of reports collected by Ricardo TrombettaWho tried to answer this question. First of all, the Canale 5 satirical news reporter confirmed that when you try to contact INPS, you always get the same answer.

“There are some big delays – says the operator on the phone – but I can only check if we have to wait or if something has to be done.” This is a very vague answer and does not satisfy families who really need this money. Striscia la Notizia then tried to dig deeper, And I got the following response from INPS: “In some cases, an initial investigation was necessary to verify access requirements to the right (of the applicant or beneficiary) or related to an Iban that was not properly indicated in the application.”

“Applications that will be rejected – we read – will be able to resubmit when the necessary requirements are due and by June will be given the right to repay the arrears from March.” “We hope that INPS can resolve this unpleasant situation as quickly as possible – as Trombeta said – because there are families who really need the money they owe. We continue to monitor the situation closely,” Trombeta said.

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