Wales and Argentina back to back in Test matches

The meeting between Wales and Argentina at Cardiff Liberty Stadium got off to a good start with two teams who seemed to want to pass the game in front of a very small crowd due to health measures. The puma of Mario Ledesma, who also hit the game, was the best. After the defeat of No. 10 Callum Sheidi, Nicola Sanchez scored a penalty (16th).

The crowd lost intensity and both organizations began to multiply mistakes. The referee at the meeting did not pick up any tweezers, temporarily dismissing Welsh right-hand man Dillon Luis and Argentina left-hander Nahuel Tetas Sapporo (28th). Then, a minute later, a red card was stamped against Juan Cruz Mallya. State Toulouse player standing in the back, Welsh No. 9 Kieran Hardy was proven guilty of a high block on the head.

Each team loses its match point!

A logical exception was the suggestion that Wales would get their hands on this meeting when the score was in their favor (6-3). It was bad to know Argentina’s Grinda. Nicola Sanchez ‘s partners finally finished the first period well, with third-ranked Pablo Matera finding the back of the net to score the first try of the game (6-13, 35th).

Then, through misery, the Poomas defense reached a ten-minute break, following a well-negotiated by Tomos Williams (20-20, 70th). At the time of the match, Argentina had the first match point, but the striker missed the target (75th). Tito to Welsh striker on siren!

Finally, both forms are left in a draw (20-20). Thus Argentina continues their three defeats in a row against Wales, which did not guarantee a win against Canada last weekend (68-12). The two countries have another meeting next Saturday to resume.


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