Sergio Peña scored a great goal in Malmo against GIF Sundsvall for the Swedish League
The midfielder scored his first goal of the season in impressive fashion. Video: Discovering Sports

Sergio Peña has just scored one of his best goals abroad. The midfielder, who used to score only good goals, made it 1-0 in Malmö FF against GIF Sundsvall in the 12th round of the Swedish League. The goal was celebrated by the bench with ecstasy due to the wonderful goal of the Peruvian midfielder.

The green light goal came 7 minutes after the match that was held at Norburton Arena, where the opposing team is hosting. A ball entered the area from the left side of the field, but was cleared of the hemisphere and was perfect for the former Universidad San Martín.

The player called up by Ricardo Gareca opened his foot in a perfect way to hit it inside and made the ball curve towards Andtro. The ball went to the corner of the goal, to the point where it hit the stick and ended up going into it. Swedish goalkeeper Andreas Andersson couldn’t do anything against this shot and just had to see how the ball went in.

Sergio Peña adds his second commitment since returning to his club after falling in the play-off against Australia for the Qatar 2022 World Cup quota. At the latest disputed date he entered the second half almost in a 2-1 win over Helsingborg. . He has now started as a beginner and has already started contributing to the account.

The midfielder scored his first goal of the season with a superb shot. Photo: Swedish League.

On his way to the Qatar World Cup 2022, the former Alianza Lima He played nine matches and contributed two goals (against Chile and Bolivia). He never completed a match, was changed in eight matches and entered one three minutes before the end of the match (2-2 draw against Paraguay, first date). In addition, he was present in the penalty shootout loss against “Sokeros” in Doha.

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