macaroni iron Sandro Jose False Proved by Emmanuel Macron personally on the seat France will propose to leave in the United Nations Security Council. Contrary to the allegations of the English tabloid Daily Telegraph Released this morning – we read in a note posted by the Elysee on social media – no, France did not propose to leave its seat to the United Nations Security Council. He is from France and will remain so.”

The British newspaper quoted the source, Sandro Gozzi, former undersecretary and Italian parliamentarian elected in France, from the renewal of Europe. Then the person concerned denied it Daily Telegraphaccusing him of owning it distorted his words. Gozi is defined as a “close ally of President Macron”, he would have said that if the issue of the European Union’s rapid response force had been moved forward, it would have been possible to “put the discussion in the Security Council to the table”.

The former Undersecretary for European Affairs was dismissed on Twitter and was dry: “My words have been completely distorted by a British tabloid. The French position is clear: The permanent seat in the United Nations is French and will remain French. The rest is just playing around with extreme matters.” Gozi’s reference is to reactions to the Telegraph article by Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon, who asked for clarification.


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