The body of a woman is in an advanced state of decomposition

Realities in Malaysia. The dramatic discovery was made by a passer-by near a building belonging to the state electricity company in Kulai, a district in the southern state of Johor.

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Shocking discovery in Malaysia. one body decomposed woman It is found inside suitcase At a deserted bus station a coliwhich is a district in the state of South Johor. The state news agency Bernama reported that the discovery was made by a passer-by near a building belonging to the National Electric Power Company Tenaga Nasional Berhad earlier this week.

According to the local district police chief, Tok Ping Yu, the corpse will be in one A very advanced state of decomposition — estimated at more than 50% — which hampered initial identification efforts, according to Bernama. However, a preliminary post-mortem report from Sultana Amina Hospital indicates that the body belonged to a woman over the age of 25 who had suffered a head injury and may have died about two weeks ago.

According to the Straits Times news website, investigators believe the woman was a foreigner.

He died for several months at home, an autopsy was ordered: a son under investigation, whom he was going to hide to collect his pension

johor police chief, Qamar al-Zaman Mamat, quoted by the news site, claims that the “lack of a graft scar on his arm” suggests that the victim is not a Malaysian citizen. “We just received a report that there was no Bacillus Calmette vaccine (BCG) scar on the left arm of the victim,” he said. In Malaysia, everyone at an early age receives the BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) vaccine to prevent tuberculosis.

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there police He says investigations are underway and has appealed to local residents for some useful information.


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