AMLO apologizes to Banksico for 'spoiled' rate hike - El Financiro

President Andres Manuel Lpez Obrador apologized Thursday afternoon for advancing the Bank of Mexico’s announcement. (Banxico) raised interest rates to 6.5 percent.

I got the information last night and thought it had become public”, The President of Mexico pointed out during his speech at the 85th National Bank Conference in Acapulco.

Lopez Obrador announced this afternoon that, although he spoke about the issue in ‘Morning’ this Thursday, Banco de Mexico reaffirmed its commitment to respect for autonomy.

The president has promised to raise the central bank’s interest rate to 6.5 percent It is less than the 8 per cent recorded when he started his administration.

AMLO may have violated the law by overtaking Pansiko

However, this Thursday morning, the head of management announced that the Monetary Authority had made this increase in the target ratio. The central bank itself was expected to release its official position at 1:00 p.m..

Section 45 of the Banksigo, the Secretary of Finance and the Under-Secretary attend monetary policy meetings, however They have no vote In the results.

This has been cited by many economists following the incident The leak is unfortunateThe executive stressed that since the autonomy of the central bank could be violated, it would respect the autonomy of the body anyway.

Pangsiko must implement the instructions so that what happened today will not happen again

Javier Galán Figueroa, UNAM’s Special Coordinator for Monetary and Financial Economics, pointed out. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Governor of the Bank of Mexico ‘Samagui’Victoria Rodríguez, monetary policy decision leaked.

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“If the governor wants to build a good name on a solid foundation, he must do so Encouragement Ways to prevent this from happening again. Now he has to file an account before the Republican Senate and tell them why this information escaped them, “he said.

With information from Guillermo Castañares.


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