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BERLIN – I am a candidate for change, and politics thrives on that premise. Others support the status quo. When asked about her inexperience, Analina Burbock answers. And in the self-confidence that he says, there is everything The revolutionary significance of the day. A few minutes ago this was announced by another co-chair, Robert Habick She will be a candidate for the chancellery of the Greens In the federal election in September. For the first time in their 40-year history, Grnen Aiming to lead Germany. They do this with the youngest Candidate for the position of President of the University Start, A woman born in the same year they were foundedWhich, in just three years, turned them into the new center of gravity of German politics.

They do this by claiming An ambition that would have seemed unreal even a few years ago, but what Credible and realistic today. They do so with an impressive display of discipline and loneliness, making the psychological drama taking place in the same hours in CDU-CSU even more distinct. The decisive leap towards the community center of an already rebellious and hostile party, Which can express the new advisor in a few months. Today opens a new chapter for us, and if we do well, our country too, says Burbock, before accepting the candidacy, which will become official at an exceptional conference in mid-June.

After sixteen years in the unsuspecting sign but without a true direction of travel by Angela Merkel, sailing the horizon is no longer sufficient. Germany needs a fresh start. Baerbock promises a policy that is able to look forward and bold more, make difficult decisions, but also to remain humane, sympathetic and listen to the citizens but also there must be a new style and a new culture, where opponents are respected, criticism is taken seriously and We work together, not against each other. Burbock does not indicate the preferences of potential allies, but he cautions everyone about this With the greens in government we must work for a strong Europe, Which will have to adopt more clear and determined policies towards authoritarian states. Direct drilling of Chancellor Merkel’s line, which is considered very compatible, toward Russia and China.

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At the helm of the Green Party since 2018, Burbuk and Hubak succeeded in the miracle of reconciling the different souls of the party About a government project. A winning operation, if it is true that of the 8.9% raised in the 2017 election, Grnen is now credited with 23% of voting intentions and rules 11 out of 16 federal states. Benefits should be shared equally. Habick’s charisma, rhetorical storytelling and quiet power played a major role. But what brought about this difference were organizational skills, mastery down to the details of even complex issues, and the tenacity and sympathy of Annalena Baerbock, the true sweetheart of the party that Re-elected with 98% of the vote.

However, when he became co-chair, It was almost unknown. Born in a small village near Hanover in Lower Saxony, Burbock has made Brandenburg, an eastern land, the center of her life for many years: her political base in Potsdam, where she lives with her husband and two children. Candidate-Chancellor of the Green Party graduated in political science from Hamburg and studied at the London School of Economics, before taking up a position Assistant Environmental Member of the European Parliament. She wanted to be a journalist, a war correspondent. But in 2013, he boycotted his PhD in natural disasters and humanitarian aid to devote himself to politics full time: She was elected to the Bundestag and instantly gained a reputation as a workaholicAnd deal efficiently and effectively with climate, economic policy, energy and child poverty.

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Annalena Baerbock also has a past as a trampoline athleteFlexIt is a specialty in which he won a bronze medal in the German National Gymnastics Championships. The metaphor is clear, but it advances the concept: yesterday was the most important leap in his life. But it is not the most difficult. He’ll have to make a little more spear and luscious, in An election campaign that promises to be uninterrupted and difficult. But the last, decisive leap could lead her to just 40 years at the helm of Europe’s first country. She would be the youngest chancellor ever.

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