Solitary confinement should soon be reduced from 10 to 6 days in the NBA

Adrian Wojnarowski and ESPN, like many US media outlets, have announced that the NBA should reduce the duration of Covid-related isolation, from 10 to 6 days. A welcome decision, as many teams are currently deprived of their best elements and 169 players have entered the Covid protocol in the past two weeks.

The USA and Players Association had agreed on such a reduction. This new protocol includes NBA players, coaches, staff and referees. In the case of a negative test, people infected with the virus and vaccinated (contacts or positive case) can return on the seventh day.

Low infection rate would be a requirement for return to work after this six-day isolation (CT <35). Ultimately, asymptomatic players, coaches or employees will avoid staying on the sidelines for too long.

This Sunday alone, on Boxing Day, 27 players entered the Covid protocol. Despite the league having to postpone several games, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA intends to weather the new wave of the virus.


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