Scandali, corruzione e fallimento del turismo: il Qatar vive in una realtà parallela (e gli va bene così)

Objectivity as well missed a lot. The Qatar It is witnessing a world championship crossed by strong differences and He likes to tell himself about her as if she is the best of all. It is a pity that objective data arrives and reveals the truth for what it is: a The World Cup was played in a country that was not suitable to host itFor many reasons and despite all efforts to come prepared for the appointment.

One such objective data comes from the number of tourists from the world and from the gap regarding the expected number. Local organizers had set a target of 1.2 million tourists. Instead at the conclusion of the group stagewhich records the highest peak attendance by foreign fans, The number of arrivals was less than 766 thousand. This was announced in an article by guardianwho consulted him Report of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacythe organization responsible for managing Qatar 2022 and ensuring that it has a good influence on the emirate in terms of legacy.

We have reached the end of the group stagein which supporters of all 32 finalists are present, The number of attendees did not stop even at two-thirds of the predetermined number. This can also be seen by watching matches on TV, which were shown in many group matches Big gaps in the stands. Then with the passage of the knockout stage It is clear that the balance between departures and new arrivals becomes imbalanced by the former. So the goal was clear Failed.

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From the diameter of this thing is not seen at all. The local media continues to report the event in brilliant colors, as if the World Cup is changing the world. And the illusion of self-celebration was not at all disturbed by the news of the alleged corruption scandal of members of the European Parliament by the Principality.. to the Qatari media This news does not existnot even a fringe box in information media sites. Qatar is a parallel reality and they like it that way.



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