In Italy, Ferragni and De Lillis are in the lead

If your dream is to get rich, you better start posting Instagram. According to recent Adobe “Future of Creativity” research in recent years, influential They have outperformed lawyers and computer engineers in the highest-paid professions rankings.

study interview 9000 Content Creators In Great Britain, the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and I concluded that more rich for everyone (on average) They are the British influencerswho earns Up to 117 pounds per hour. If they work full time, they will have almost an annual income 137 thousand pounds: 30 thousand more than a lawyer who earns an average of 109 thousand pounds a year, or a computer engineer who earns 136 thousand pounds.

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Influencer, ranking of the richest in the world

But who are the richest influencers and how much do they earn? According to the list of Instagram rich people compiled by HopperHQ in 2021, the highest paid in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo who can earn up to one million six hundred thousand pounds for a single post. Here it is classification Worldwide (next to each name is the estimated earnings of one file Mail). As you can see, in addition to football players (Ronaldo and Messi), the highest paid are American celebrities.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – $1,604,000

2. Dwayne Johnson – $1,523,000

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3. Ariana Grande – $1,510,000

4. Kylie Jenner $1494,000

5. Selena Gomez $1,468,000

6- Kim Kardashian $1,419,000

7. Lionel Messi $1,169,000

8. Beyoncé $1,147,000

9. Justin Bieber $1,112,000

10. Kendall Jenner $1,053,000

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In Italy, Chiara Ferragni receives up to 80,000 euros for a job

In Italy, it ranks among the richest influencers Chiara FerragniAnd the Which is ranked 72 in Hopper HQ’s global ranking and with one job you can earn up to $82,100. In second place is the most followed Tiktoker in the world, Khabe did not: $81 thousand for the job.

Third place in the ranking Gianluca Vacci who receives €69,500 for the publication. Ferragni’s husband, Fidez, with 14 million followers on Instagram amounts to 43,600 euros (he is ranked 106th in the list of influencers in the world). Enter the order Mariano de Vaioan influencer and fashion blogger who earns up to $22,000 for an e . post Julia de Lilliswhich with 5 million followers of a sponsored post can also get you $ 17,300.

On Instagram, women get paid more

One curious phenomenon highlighted by Adobe’s “Creativity Future” report is that in the world of influencers there is no gender pay gap, it is women who earn the most. More than half (56%) of the 100 highest paid Instagram influencers are women.


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