The misery of Kadhu vomiting on his bike

David Guard, who was taken from the vomit, was left on the first climb of Mont Ventax in the eleventh stage of the Tour de France on Wednesday. The Grubama-FDJ leader was ranked 10th in the general category this morning.

Tenth in the general classification of suffering. Bretton David Gudd pointed out in a yellow jersey from Tadez Pokக்கmon in the yellow jersey this Wednesday morning that it was 7 minutes 22 seconds to quickly advance to the eleventh stage of the Tour de France between Sorcas and Malasoun (Vaughan). After struggling to stay in Peloton’s last places, Grubama-FDJ leader Mont Ventox vomited on his first climb.

Tour de France: 11th Level Live

Grupama-FDJ in great difficulty

At 80 kilometers from the finish line, he was already more than a minute away from the main team, despite the work his teammate Bruno Armrail had done to help reduce the damage. “He had a hard time with the fast start and the heat. Needless to say, we hope things get better,” said Frederic Gusten, sports director of Grubama-FDJ on France TV’s microphone.

It was a difficult day for the French team to say the least, it also lost the Australian Miles Scotsman, who landed after he was left out by Peloto. Arnaud Demare and Italian Jakobo Gurneri finished late in the ninth stage of the Dignes, while Lithuania’s Ignatos Konovalovas’ Grande bike came to a sudden halt in the first stage and crashed.

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