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In the very extensive patch notes for WoW Patch 9.1 there is a small but nice innovation that can quickly get lost. So, here again the service note: Legendary items created for certain slots after the release of “Reigning Chains” automatically have a socket.

Just two weeks ago we reported it WoW Patch 9.1 . New “Splinter of Dominion” System Force players to recreate their legendary items from WoW: Shadowlands. But there’s also another reason why some Shadowlands visitors have recently been building a new Legendarys game.

After trying and learning about PTR, players were unsure if they could equip Legendary items with sockets right after the update started. The A device for spatial reorganization Then there is no more, and that Alloy warping sheets You have to open yourself up first. The plan is to supply the required item with a socket before patch 9.1.

And this is where a small but good innovation comes into play, itself WoW patch 9.1 comprehensive patch notes It can go down quickly:


  • Newly created Helm, Neck, Bracer, Belt and Ring Runecarving armor pieces will now always be created with a socket.

Newly produced Legendarys head, neck, brace, harness, or ring opening are all fitted with a socket. Also new in Legendary Land:

  • There will be new recipes with which you can upgrade your existing Legendarys even further. You can find upgrade materials at Corthea.
  • You can earn new Legendary Soul Embers at Torghast levels 9 through 12 as well as via the “Tormentor of Torghast” event or esophageal attacks.
  • There will be new legendary memories for all pack skills.
  • Some existing legendary memories will be modified.
  • Added an additional armor slot for various legendary memories.
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WoW Patch 9.1 Dominion Chains It will be released on June 30, 2021.

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