Players will need to complete a myriad of daily challenges in order to progress through the Battle Pass.

The release date of Halo Infinite, one of the most anticipated games of the year, has finally been revealed by Microsoft at Gamescom 2021. And while fans wait for more information on the subject, its battle pass is now the focus of attention for future title players.

Several weeks ago, 343 Industries announced that it wanted to offer players a really useful battle pass and not put at its core an ideology that would force players to play for endless hours in a limited time. Recently, new information about this battle card was posted via Twitter.

Jon Junicek, the studio’s community manager, explained thatinfinite aura It won’t be tied to XP but to daily challenges which can sometimes include winning matches or just participating in them. He also explains that it will be very difficult to fall short of daily challenges, although not impossible for the more consistent players.

Players already lament slower progress

For now, the studio hasn’t detailed what the challenges will pose but it seems certain that the battle pass won’t be related to XP in any way, which is a major flaw for some. In fact, many players expressed their dissatisfaction with this system which would force players to adopt a certain style of gameplay to complete challenges which would favor micro-transaction purchases because progression should be slower.

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343 Industries said a blog post will be published soon with more details about this battle pass. For the least patience, you can wait for the releaseinfinite aura December 8 To give you an idea, knowing that the multiplayer mode will be available to everyone for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


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