The radical change in Amanda Miguel's look that ended her hair
The singer ditched her most memorable pics (Image: amandamiguel Instagram)

Amanda Miguel is one of the most famous and seasoned singers in Latin AmericaFour decades ago on the scene, the Argentine by birth placed the Argentine in a prominent place among the entertainment.

In 64, translator songs like Castles s He lied to meAnd the He boosted his career as well, using his own style that has stood out from his beginnings: long and curly black hair The seal he placed was in the public’s taste.

After many years of experience, on April 12, 2021 She hit the singer with a series of pics in which she showed a complete turn to the picture In which he introduced himself to his fans: with style pixie With her naturally gray hair, the nationalized Mexican drew attention to the drastic change.

Amanda Miguel was surprised to show up with style "pixie" (Photo: Instagram @ yoamandamiguel)
Amanda Miguel was surprised by appearing in “pixie” style (Photo: Instagram @ yoamandamiguel)

“I want to tell you some beautiful things about my life that I sincerely wish to share with you … Thank God I am in good health surrounded by the love of my family, all my collaborators and all of you, my beloved followers who accompany me at all times,” wrote the singer who is known to be in danger Thyroid tumor.

I know that for many it will be an shock I look at myself without my traditional hair, but I decided at the start of the epidemic to cut it off and let it grow from scratch in the color I already have naturally. What do you think? “The famous wife of Diego Verdaguer wrote.

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the new a look Anna Victoria’s mother caused a stir among her followers, among them the majority highlighted the quality of the artist’s appearance, and others commented that she had lost her character, and there was even someone who compared her appearance to that of other celebrities such as Eugenia Lyon.

Several followers praised Amanda Miguel's rejuvenation ability (Photo: Instagram @ yoamandamiguel)
Several followers praised Amanda Miguel’s rejuvenation ability (Photo: Instagram @ yoamandamiguel)

“I will not lie because I was in a state of shock, but believe me that my love and admiration for you goes beyond poetry. You are a wonderful person.”Look well!!! Only her hair was the show she was actually on … and now we’ll have to get used to seeing her with a new lookYou can read on their social networks.

The singer said: “This epidemic has taught me to take good care of myself, and I do not want to get sick, and I have not yet been vaccinated, but more than ever I appreciate my life, and my moments with myself.” Patti Chappoy this afternoon to talk about her new image.

He said he had given himself the “luxury of not traveling, which was too tired for me. No.” Offers No, I love singing, but traveling, changing bed, air, food, and not being home is stressfulLater, Amanda revealed that she had decided to cut her hair “at the start of the epidemic with my daughter.” I’ve been wanting to have my hair cut for a long time, I got tired of my hair, it was no longer the same, it was not beautiful, it no longer had a shine, it was dry“I had a hard time preparing for this OffersLooks good, drawing is another topic that made me exhausted and decided to change. ” Sweating.

The singer's appearance has been compared to that of another famous translator: Eugenia Lyon (Photo: Instagram @ yoamandamiguel)
The singer’s appearance has been compared to that of another famous translator: Eugenia Lyon (Photo: Instagram @ yoamandamiguel)

Before this changed a look I realized that “For a lot of people it will be shock I see Amanda Miguel without her hair, but what I’m doing now is feeling really good about myselfShe explained in detail the moment she decided to “pass the scissors”: “We were sitting talking about hair, how tired I was, and my daughter told me:“ Mum, I’ve wanted to cut your hair for a long time, why don’t you get it? In short? ”At that moment A : ‘Yes now’. I went in the shower, detangled my hair, and that was very difficult for me, I made a tail and went through the scissors ”. He concluded, “At the moment, I am in a state of not short or long break, and then, step by step, I will see what I feel most comfortable with.”

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