Aracely Arámbula nunca hablará mal de Luis Miguel, pero hará un libro

Arasili Arambola Always avoid talking about the father of his sons, Luis Miguel And although it is one of the most frequently asked questions, the actress spoke about the singer for the first time and made it clear that she would never speak ill of him.

During an interview she showed for the nationally traded La Chule magazine, As They Know It, she explained that her story with the “La Unconditional” translator was beautiful. in love.

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the hero of the story “The Doña” She explained that she had always touched on the subject, but not as journalists seek, because she gave some brushstrokes with what she was living with El Sol and that’s what she wants her children to see and not other things, and that’s why she did it. He does not rule out the possibility of writing a book.

“…I would like to have a diary, first of all my children will know this, they already know, I have already told them certain things, brush strokes, like the presentation their father gave when he said: ‘He is a boy and he will be called Miguel, the picture which It has Daniel in my stomach. “They see all that is beautiful,” Quinn assured of the port of Acapulco.

She also said that no matter how angry she was at the father of her children, she would always try to calm down to think about what she considers the most important thing in her life, which is her family.

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“There should be a moment of reflection to bring out the best because to me family is the most important thing, it will never affect my children when they ask me about their father, and I will never say anything negative because I have lived a beautiful life story and theirs,” he commented.

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when Netflix She was working on the second season of the singer’s story, they searched for Aracely to include her love story, but she refused, as her lawyer reported at the time, and now she’s confirmed her reasons for this magazine.

“The producer (from the Netflix series) looked up at me when I was making ‘La Doña’ and they very kindly wanted me to tell them the story, but I decided no because they were capitalizing on those memories, I asked them first that I didn’t want to come out, they had touched (Life and Leisme) before Because I didn’t want them to put me and my kids down because it’s a very beautiful thing.”

She also revealed that she spoke with Michele Salas, when the series touched on the topic of her relationship with her father and how she was represented and the treatment they gave her, since she became a sexual one, a situation that disturbed her first born, so La Schulle offered her the office. of attorneys representing them to initiate legal proceedings against production.



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