Ignacio Lopez Tarso is 97 years old

Ignacio Lopez Tarso is 97 years old. With one of the most famous professions in the entire medium of entertainment, the protagonist “Macario” It was also affected by the shutdown of activities due to Cocid-19. Despite adversity, he decided Renewal and business adventure through ‘flow’.

López Tarso agreed to act for screens and broadcast, not only in Mexico, but Gain access to other latitudes of the world.

Ignacio Lopez Tarso, an oak tree during a pandemic

According to the first actor, it was his son, who is also called Ignacio, who introduced him to this show. This happened after film and television celebrities recovered positively. During 2020, the play was seen in poor health, even using respiratory assistance for a while.

Together with his eldest son, Lopez Tarso formed an unparalleled duo, Being a real success in his online launch. As is common, the works were pre-recorded and broadcast only during the specified dates, but this did not stop the protagonist from “paper man” Presence and organization of some conferences in addition to the presentation.

It is found among his most notable theatrical works swan songFrom the playwright Anton Chekhov. Ignacio reads dramatically the script that tells the story of an old actor who appears on an empty stage after a honored event.

The Swan Song was presented in one weekend during the early days of March 2021. In addition to the play and subsequent press conference, this show featured an altruistic act promoted by the actor: López Tarso decided that the box office in which the entire last show was donated to La Casa del Actor Mario Moreno Cantinflas.

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On the other hand, the star also embodied the play “Fray Servando Teresa de Mier: Confessions of a Guadalupan Federalist”. The writing summarized the most important moments of this historical figure whose political and social role was vital in addition to his position as a priest.

The play was performed during the days leading up to the celebration of Independence Day in Mexico. Ignacio Lopez worked for 1 hour and 15 minutes, where he was distinguished by his experience.

Back to the stage

In this form, he relived one of his most illustrious moments in his career. Full decades later, Ignacio is back to embody Macario in a unique adaptation:

“It was fun, we did really well. People saw us. We got good feedback from people so far away. It was great that they saw us in Australia, in Croatia, where they saw us in Brazil, in Buenos Aires.”

As soon as the situation allowed, the beginning actor did not miss the opportunity to return to the stage, in his most traditional style. Two years later, Lopez Tarso got on the ground again with work”life in the theatreWith his inseparable son.

Lopez Tarso once again reminded his desire to reach a century of life: “To do a great play, Shakespeare, to do a Greek play, to do a classic Spanish play from the sixteenth century. That’s what I’ve been wishing for 100 years, to come back to the stage with a play and a whole theater”, voiced Hui.

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