First in London for the much-awaited mini-series

A long-awaited movie for years: “The Beatles: come back‘, a documentary film directed by Peter Jackson of nearly 60 hours of rushing for the group dating back to the beginning of 1969.

A few months before their breakup, the Beatles spent several weeks together on a new project started by Paul McCartney: filming and recording rehearsals for live performances like a real rock ‘n’ roll…

The film was shown on Tuesday evening in London.

“You know, you don’t often see a group of people working together, artists. It’s like a fly. I mean, it’s four rock gods, and all of a sudden there’s these four guys in the room. It’s amazing to see. But it’s not just that, you know, is that the Beatles belong to everyone. So it’s great.”

Jonathan Clyde

Associate Producer

These rehearsals will lead to “Get Back,” the group’s penultimate album (before Abbey Road a few months later).

And the party takes place, in secret, on the roof of their music company, in the heart of London.

The rock ‘n’ roll attitude that has influenced all of pop music…As Noel Gallagher, singer of the group Oasis, confirms,…

“As songwriters, they are everything, what they are, all these guys from the ’60s, uh… that they set the standards for guitar music early on. Yeah, they did it all. They’re year zero.”

Noel Gallagher


The Beatles: come backIt will be issued in three parts.

The first episode was released on November 25 on Disney+.

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