Trump prides himself on learning more about Macron's sexuality

Donald Trump He has bragged several times, with his close aides, to find out details about the emotional and private life of the French president Emmanuel Macron. It is written by Rolling Stones magazine. And the US president – confirms the magazine – would have known about this sensitive information through “intelligence”.

According to Rolling Stone, which revealed the story, citing two internal sources, the file related to Macron was archived under the name “Re-Information: President of France”. He was allegedly kidnapped in the FBI raid of Trump’s resort in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

The magazine reported that the French leader had always been the subject of great interest from Trump, who would reveal several times, during and after his tenure, that he knew intimate details of his life. It is unclear whether Macron’s documents seized by the FBI really have anything to do with his private life, nor whether the information about the French president came from US intelligence.

Aside from the sexual aspect, news of the discovery of documents linked to Macron would be enough to raise a diplomatic issue between France and the United States. 007’s collection of information about an ally is “extremely unusual”.

Sources in the United States of America and the White House: Serious fears of the theft of confidential papers by Trump

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Trump and Macron did not get along well. The former US president had called his French counterpart a “nuisance” and on one occasion would call him “Wussy,” a slang word meaning “female.” Macron, 44, has been married since 2007 to Brigitte, 69, who was his teacher. However, the sources added that Trump’s references to Macron’s sexuality were always public, and did not go into details.


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