Pedro Sanchez asked the Spaniards not to wear a tie

On Friday, during a press conference, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announce A series of measures that his government will take to reduce energy consumption in order to reduce Spain’s dependence of Russian natural gas. Among other things, stores with air conditioning will be required to keep their doors closed (France has already adopted Similar action) Given the winter, the boilers will have to be repaired frequently to ensure their efficiency. Sanchez also noted that he does not wear a tie and added:

I have asked ministers, ministers and all public servants and the private sector not to wear a tie when it is not necessary, because until then we will save energy.

The idea behind this suggestion is that those who wear a tie suffer more from heat, which is why they can be pushed to set the thermostat for air conditioning systems to lower temperatures, which requires a greater expenditure of energy. In 2011, the Japanese government made a similar proposal, urging people who work in offices to wear light clothing in summer. Recently in the UK, MPs were given permission not to wear a jacket inside Parliament House.

Spain is one of the European countries that have experienced particularly high temperatures in recent weeks. It is estimated that it caused the deaths of more than 500 people in the country.

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