The rumor spread before Christmas: the government has been considering for a few days to relax the rules for isolating contact cases of patients affected by the Omigran variant, as these deficiencies are disorders in companies.

“We have to avoid any occurrence of stroke,” Oliver Warren said a few days ago. The response is still active, Prime Minister Jean Costex announced on Monday at the conclusion of the Health Care Council.

“We are going to revise our policy on the period of isolation,” said Prime Minister Jean Costex. We will set these new rules by the weekend as soon as consultations with our scientific organizations are complete. This will cause less stress for those who have been vaccinated. “

Avoid system crashes

From December 13, the isolation of those involved, whether vaccinated or not, lasted seven days and seventeen days if the positive test taker was in the same home. These 17 days, a long and restricted period, “justify the uniqueness of this variation”, justifying social security. Such an isolation period makes it possible to achieve a possible incubation period, for which no one yet knows how long it will last.

But isolating people for up to 17 days could cripple France, this time the speed of the spread of the new variant would lead to pollution records: more than 100,000 cases were registered on Saturday, isolation of communication cases and problems with the “pose” process, virologist Yannick Simone estimated in our newspaper on December 24th. Isolation adaptation may be necessary depending on the vaccine status – booster or not – and the presence or absence of symptoms. “

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“The real material we have is the disorder in the companies, the government evidence emphasized in our columns. We need to use the knowledge in Omigran and change our strategy.”

This is because many departments are already beginning to face difficulties in operating normally. Ways to be considered: Tolerance to adverse, asymptomatic and vaccinated contact events.

But be careful not to set the threshold too low, some scientists warn. “For positive cases, even if asymptomatic and vaccinated, the isolation period must be maintained,” insists Patrick Perch, a member of the Medical Academy.


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