In the semifinals, Doolon and Leon had a reunion with their history

It’s a story like a story, worthy of a confident start “In the past”. The story of the cross-rule of two clubs, Lyon and Toulon, who are determined to keep their Wasps and Saracens out of their way in the semi – finals of the Challenge Cup on Saturday, May 14. One thing separates them, however, is that if the LOU wants to win its first European final, Doolon wants to become a cadre in Europe again.

Leon is looking for its first European star

The LOU has come a long way since Pierre Mignoni took over the club in 2015. The club have not known such a curriculum since the 1930s in 2018 and 2019, even after winning the crown of the Pro D2 champion and the first 14 (2016) or even the semi-finals of the first 14. Before joining Doloen next season, the technician hopes to head to the coronation ceremony.

Is very excited to continue making history. That’s what’s important. Holding the European Cup semi-final on home soil is historic for the club, but it was not the end of the game. We know where we want to go, and it will go through even more tough competition.

Pierre Mignoni, LOU Coach

At the pre-match press conference

Baptiste Couilloud’s team finished fifth in the championship and excelled in the race for the finals, with two matches for the first European title. To give a dream end to their coach’s adventure, the Leones will have to knock down the Wasps who were transferred from the Champions Trophy to the Challenge Cup on Saturday afternoon. The English who defeated Toulouse in January.

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The shocking LOU against Glasgow last week (35-27) and the only team still unbeaten in the tournament to date (six wins), no doubt are heading towards this shock with hunger.

Doolon, in search of its past glory

The sweet aroma of the Champions Trophy will surround Mayol Stadium on Saturday evening (9pm, continuing at 4pm in France). Because, if they are to be satisfied with his little sister, the fight between the Warriors and the English is reminiscent of the best times of those who ruled European rugby for almost a decade. In 2010, Toulonis and Saris won six Champions Trophies (three RCT 2013-2014-2015, three Saracens 2016-2017-2019).

They are two clubs that are identical in their sense of struggle, even their history. They have an extraordinary history and they have come a long way.

RCT Hooker Christopher Tolofua

At the pre-match press conference

So it’s two revenge clubs, eager for a new European Cup and in a hurry to return to the top players facing each other in the semifinals. If the winning culture brings the two companies closer, the similarities will end with this. This shock is the result of two distinct paths that began after the end of the regime.

On the Dulone side, Wilkinson, Habana, Pota’s past led to a period of uncertainty, where RCT struggled to find the right formula and re-enact the leading roles (successor to coach, change of direction). Despite being stuck in the depths of the championship after a sluggish start to the season, the Warriors have seen their colors since the arrival of Frank Azema and the return of executives such as Baptiste Serin, Louis Carbonal or Charles Olivone.

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Now eighth, they can still hope to reach the final stage but the matter is no longer in their hands. With a win in the Challenge Cup, the winner will automatically play in the Champions Trophy next season, acting as a crossroads to make an appearance, and soon regain his status as a European cadre.

Anxiety that does not pollute the English mind. The Saracens and their English international forces have already given a guarantee that they will find the big European Cup next year because they do not respect the salary cap in 2020. Toulonis must drop a mountain to win a ticket to the final.


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