'Pay four euros an hour for four years, that's enough': protests by receptionists at Milan museums

Four euros per hour for four years with a national contract, not a sector contract It costs less, as opposed to the specific field of the cultural field, which would allow nearly double the salary.” These are the working conditions reported by the reception staff of the museums and libraries of the Municipality of Milan, and made clear Roberta Griffini From Filcams Cgil, the Italian federation of trade, hotel, canteen and service workers.

In this case, about 200 workers are paid low wages from companies operating under contracts: “In 2018, they had little money available to finance bids. In the meantime, the Protocol on Quality and Protection of Labor in Contracts was signed by the municipality, Cgil and Cisl and Uil, which provides guarantees. And those we ask.” As stated in a Filcams note published in recent days, “A full-time worker receives only a net salary. 750 EUR A month or so, despite working within Milan’s cultural sites with the consequent professionalism necessary to carry out certain activities.” Then another problem was emphasized by Griffini: “Half of the employees have an on-call or fixed-term contract. Therefore, among our requests is also the settlement of these positions with a relative assumption.” The note continues: “What the workers believe is essential is that within the bid there is a guarantee that, after changing the contract, no one will be left at home regardless of the type of individual contract and that the collective labor agreement effective national sector.

The protests of the trade unions – including the garrison scheduled for May 31 – come after numerous meetings between the two fronts, which for some time did not lead to anything: “The only certainty is the 6-month contract extension, which translated, for the employees, means another 6 months. hunger wages and concerns about their future”, Filcams always explained in a note. This is why the union has also “announced an 8-hour strike package” and decided to “order a meeting with municipal institutions and a hearing with the Committees of the Work and Culture Council to explain the reasons for the protest and to request a quick and concrete solution” .

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