Trosart makes a penalty, Brighton snatches the division, but loses the head - all football

Brighton took a point in the 95th minute but missed out on a chance to top the Premier League.

The authors of a solid start to the season, the Seagulls had a chance to play: Leandro Trossard and his team could take advantage of the champions ’mistakes and be top of the Premier League.

But the trip to Crystal Palace did not go as Brighton’s Red Devil had hoped. Leandro Trossard converted a penalty just before the break, which allowed Wilfried Zaha to open the scoring.

Christian Pentec came on in the second half and delivered the break ball to Jordan Iowa, but Ghana’s effort was returned by post. Brighton Palace lost the victory in the dying moments of Neil Mobbe’s Thanksgiving crowd.

The Seagulls avoided defeat (1-1) and shared second place with 13 units to City, Man U, Chelsea and Everton. Crystal Palace is in 15th place with six units, losing two precious points.

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