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Trash TV fans are looking forward to January 21st: this jungle camp Entering the fifteenth season!

This time the celebrities are biting off the legs of crickets in Kruger National Park in South Africa. And there’s also: Singer Lucas Cordales, 54. The other Bush residents admire him in awe, because Lucas has two kings in the woods in his family! Papa Costa Cordales (75) won the first season in 2004, and his sister-in-law Jenny Frankhauser (29) won the title in 2018.

In a BILD interview, God’s husband Daniela Katzenberger, 35, talks about advice from his deceased father and reveals what his wife put in his bag.

Daniela Katzenberger gave her husband Lucas a special souvenir to take to South Africa – one of her bras!Photo: Malte Krudewig

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BILD: Your dad won jungle camp in 2004. Did he give you any tips at the time if you should take part in the show?

Lucas Cordales: “At that time he gave me the advice he also gave me for life. So keep your cool, respect others, stand up for others and of course the principle of performance.”

Are your nerves already on edge?

Corrales: “I don’t like to compliment myself, but I think my nerves are pretty good. Everyone knows who I am married to, so you need good nerves.”

Did the cat impose rules on you?

Corrales: “She said to be decent and have fun. Honestly, I would never let my wife tell me that I am not allowed to reveal certain things, and if she said that, it would be with a wink. There was no agreement and she could count on me one hundred percent.”

They were of one heart and one soul: Lucas and his father, Costa Cordales, who died in 2019

They were of one heart, one soul: Lucas (left) and his father, Costa Cordales, who died in 2019Photo: imago/ebner

Were there family discussions because of you jungle camp-emphasis?

Corrales: “I will reveal a secret now. When my father received the request, my mother said: If he does, I will get a divorce. At that time, I was the only one in the family who supported him. Now the situation was of course different, everyone knows the topic. Everyone immediately stood behind me. “

What is the reason for your participation?

Corrales: “This has a lot to do with my dad, if I’m honest. I do this just to be a little bit close to him again. I miss him every day. He was such a huge place in my life. We spent a lot of time together professionally and secretly. Our family situation was great, you rarely find it.” I know he’ll be watched from above and I want to be proud of him too. He’ll see what I do.”

Are you afraid of the exam?

Corrales: “I haven’t trained anything special now, but when my wife cooks, it feels like a test in the woods, and it tastes similar too.”

Do you focus on your jungle camp– Ready to participate?

Corrales: “I’ve already been to Global Gladiators and actually slept in the jungle and overstepped my bounds a few times. It hardened me to some extent.”

Did Daniela give you a lucky charm?

Corrales: “My wife packed me a bra, I don’t know for what purpose, whatever she tied it to. The tiger bra, I can’t use it as a sleeping mask, I can use it as an umbrella! But she packed it without any comment.”

What words of your father do you remember to this day?

Corrales: “My father said on his deathbed that he wanted everything to go on as it did before. He always wanted it that way. Of course, I see it as my duty to shake the forest as I did. It was exciting. Unfortunately, its crown of leaves has withered in the meantime. There’s still the shirt he was wearing. My mom did.”

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