Queen Elizabeth II was photographed with a wand, and the United Kingdom moved

It’s an unsurprising sign of age but one that moves Brits in the press and on social networks. Queen Elizabeth II was photographed on Tuesday 12 October 2021 walking with a cane. Currently, the Queen did not need this accessory to fulfill her royal obligations. The last photo of Elizabeth II with such a thing in her hands is dated 2004When she underwent knee surgery.

Wearing a blue crew and matching coat and hat, Elizabeth II, 95, attended a celebration at Westminster Abbey to mark the centenary of the Royal British Legion, an organization to support soldiers and veterans in the British Army.

To get to the monastery, she did not use the main entrance but took another entrance to it Shorten your trip. While her pace was slow and cautious, the Queen spoke with several speakers and appeared smiling during the event. For example, she got out of her car alone without asking for help from Princess Anne or the staff accompanying her. Something to reassure his subjects on his health. Instead, the wand will be there to ensure the queen’s comfort and prevent potential falls rather than a sign of recent injury.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment. The 25-year-old Queen Elizabeth II has ruled for more than six decades. Her husband, Prince Philip, passed away on April 9 at the age of 99.

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