Nicholas Vanier is especially known for nature movies which he photographed for nearly 30 years. But from “Belle et Sébastien”, he began to act more and more actors especially to Enjoy building With them characters and stories! A “logical extension” of the director.

serving today comedy about friendship, a subject he found “richer than love” because old friends are accepted as they are, with their faults and qualities. And maybe even if we met them now, they wouldn’t become our friends!

This is the case of Jean, Patrick, Joanna, Roman and Guillaume who have known each other for over 30 years. Their marriages and children did not succeed in keeping them away, specifically at the end of this week, The fifty-year-old band finds themselves in champagne For the bachelorette party, Patrick is the last bachelor of the band. But the future wife, who arrived unexpectedly, does not seem unanimous … In this solemn generosity, above laughter, screaming matches and reconciliations, tensions soured … Because in friendship, everyone dances glasses!

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Pour Choice of actorsNicholas Vanier wanted the “hard core” to really get along like friends, validate or even recommend the rest of the cast.

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