Helsinki says no to meat at receptions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The goal is to reduce the ‘carbon footprint’ of the Finnish capital: space for plant-based foods

Also, you will expect Exceptions for “high-level visits and similar events”, organized by Mayor Johanna Varshainen or other high-ranking officials. The new rules, designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the products, are not just about meat: coffee, tea, bananas and other foods must come from “fair trade” producers. In addition, oat milk will replace cow’s milk, while snacks and soft drinks can no longer be served in disposable containers.

The local government said the measures were part of a broader effort “aimed at Reducing the climate impact of food and reduce the amount of natural resources used by the city.” Some MPs complained about the Finnish countryside, where hunting is still practiced and wild animals are consumed as food. According to the Finnish Natural Resources Institute, Meat consumption in the country has decreased for two consecutive years, while more and more people are choosing not to put animals on the table, but plant food.

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