America passes the lion in a friendly match

Saint Joseph

America and Leon had one of the last tests tonight before their debut at the Apertura 2022so they faced each other in a friendly match held in San Jose, California, before a crowded stadium and with a blue majority in the stands.

Knowing that this would be their last friendly match, both teams sent eleven players onto the field with a large majority of their best men in the running, Those from Coapa have excelled since before the break They already scored four goals that practically set the course for the match.

A double for Diego Valdes, a recording by Richard Sanchez and another by young Roman Martinezbegan to form a crushing team led by Fernando Ortiz, against some “green bellies” who showed no reaction until the start of the second half, when Santiago Columbato gave them a presence on the scoreboard.

Although emerald reaction attempt, The Eagles scored again, this time by Alejandro Zendegaswho found space to pool his singles play, which culminated in a mid-range shot that was impossible for Rodolfo Cotta to save.

near the final stretch of the match, Leon bridged the gap in a play in which Luis Montes woke up early on the American defense In a parked ball where he succumbed to the movement of Oscar Villa, who shot Oscar Jimenez into the area.

Al final, La Vieira couldn’t do more to at least try to equalisefor which they suffered their first setback in the preparatory matches, while America announced its readiness to start the match in the absence of the addition of Jonathan Rodriguez and Nestor Araujo.

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