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Sunday evening private jet Drops In the Baltic Sea off the coast of Latvia, near the city of Ventspils. According to German media, there were four people on board: so far there is no information about a possible discovery of bodies, but it is believed that no one survived. The Kölner Stadt AnzeigerCologne Newspaper he wrote Among the people on board were 72-year-old German businessman Peter Griesemann, well known in Cologne, where he lived, and the owner of the plane. The other people on board were his wife, 26-year-old daughter, and her boyfriend. The plane had departed from southern Spain and headed for Cologne, Germany, but veered off course and continued on to the Baltic Sea: at one point it quickly lost altitude and crashed, according to the first rebuilds, due to running out of fuel.

The Latvian Civil Aviation Agency said in a statement that air traffic control officers had repeatedly tried to contact the pilot, to no avail. The plane followed an unusual path that at times seemed rather random. After he left Spain, radio communication with those on board was cut off. It is not yet clear why the plane deviated from its course.


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