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She is emotionally affected, needs to collect her thoughts, and speak for herself among the faithful, but above all she needs to spend time with her 7-year-old daughter, to explain what has happened and what will change in their lives. “I am very sorry for not being there in person,” the Prime Minister explained in a video message filmed the previous afternoon in Cairo. He explained that it was a precautionary measure in light of the uncertainty of the ability to participate in the concert in Brancaccio after the double mission in Egypt and Israel.

“At the end of the day, I am also a human being, and if there is anyone from whom I can ask for understanding, well, I think it is the sympathizers, fighters and leaders of the Brotherhood of Italy,” the Prime Minister added in the message recorded during the meeting. Pause for the summit, in which African, Arab and Western countries discussed, albeit in a sharp tone, the conflict between Hamas and Israel. His words provoke another kind of conflict, but with an unspecified counterpart. “We are an enemy that must be defeated at all costs, because we are a mirror of their loss,” is the pinnacle of anger and pride condensed into nearly seven minutes of a harsh speech. But without any mention of personal issues.

The claims and attacks are all political. Melony conjures an enemy without ever naming him, and refers to “the others rolling in the mud.” The cordon syndrome is not new to FdI, and there are those who see it igniting at a sensitive moment. The cauldron could also include some friction with Forza Italia and a cold relationship with Marina Berlusconi, but – the common logic among Melonists – this is not the main problem. Not even if these outbursts were published on the Mediaset channel, which is among other things Giambruno’s publisher.

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“We represent an Italy that is proud and able to give confidence to its citizens, that rewards merit and talent and that honors work, an Italy with a straight back and a proud appearance, an Italy that is fair,” said the president of “I Recommend Speaking” in a video about “Victorious Italy – A Year of Results,” an event organized by FdI at the Teatro Brancaccio in Rome to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the founding of the government.

“It is six o’clock in the afternoon and I am in Cairo to attend an international conference on the difficult crisis in the Middle East, a conference that Italy, which has always been a bridge between Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, could not host. Meloni explained in the video: “ He missed and had to perform at the highest level.” “I don’t know when I will return to Italy, I’m not sure I will be able to be with you physically. “I am also a human being and if there is anyone I can ask for understanding, it is the empaths.” FI actors, activists, and leaders.

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He added: “I am proud of what we did, of what we did, of what we did, of our ruling class, and of myself. I can look in the mirror and see the same person. I walked with my head held high, and I did not compromise.” The Speaker of the Council said that she is “also proud of the unity of the majority, because all attempts to divide us have failed, and I am proud of the results and the many goals that have already been achieved. I will not mention them, as the video will be very long, and this is what the ministers will do in today’s demonstration.” He added that we want to “reform what needs to be reformed in a profound way without looking at anyone.”

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In the video, Meloni emphasized the support she found for her work: “A year ago I asked myself why so much was affected until the moment of taking the oath. Now, with everything that has happened, I asked myself again why we still have so much affection and support from Italians, light years away from The newspapers say it, and now I know, because we represent the real Italy, those who roll up their sleeves and work and who have been passed over by the smart and recommended ones.”

On the other hand, the Prime Minister noted that “the evil and the methods they use to weaken us have reached levels we have never seen before. We are the enemy that must be defeated because we are a mirror, a mirror of their baseness. If we succeed, all these people will have to deal with their conscience,” he added.

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“What we’re showing is that you can achieve unimaginable results and do extraordinary things without having to be petty or having to take shortcuts or do unpresentable things or having to please unpresentable people,” Meloni said back. “If we succeed and succeed, all these people will have to deal with their consciences and I guarantee you they will. So, have no fear, keep your head straight, look up and have a smile on your faces. We have great things to achieve for our people. The people and we will realize them.”

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He added: “Others can keep rolling in the mud, and we will fly high. Are they convinced that in the end they will be able to make us lose our calm? So far only they have lost it because our shoulders are broad.” Our conscience is clear, our goals are great, and what is important for us is not to disappoint Italy and the Italians. I love you.”

The Prime Minister recalled on social media that “today marks the liturgical anniversary of John Paul II” and “John Paul II taught me many things. One of them I cherished and it guides my commitment.” “It is not a matter of doing what we like, but of having the right to do what we must. I am a free person, and I will be free in spite of everything, and I will always try to do what I have to do.” “It was also on October 22, 2022, when she ascended to the Quirinale and was sworn in as Prime Minister,” Meloni also noted.

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