Thomas Covel and Thomas Roxel (Ultime) victims of damage, captain safe

The boat is currently being diagnosed to assess the situation after this damage, which occurred on the night of Wednesday 10 to Thursday 11 November.

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Thomas Covel and Thomas Roxel, the Maxi-Trimaran Sudepo Ultime 3 motorcycles, were damaged on the night of Wednesday 10 to Thursday 11 November aboard the Jacques Fabre Transat. “While they were sailing in second place, at the latitude of Morocco, the Sodebo Ultim 3 violently collided with a foreign object at about 1 am,” Unknown floating object, can we read in a press release from Sodebo Ultim 3.

The press release added that Thomas Covel and Thomas Roxel are doing well while safely in the boat. The starboard chip is damaged and a diagnosis is underway to assess the situation. This is the second damage since leaving the Atlantic: On Monday, the sailboats commanded by Louis Burton and Davy Bodart crashed a few hours after starting, forcing them to abandon.


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