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Judge Clarence Thomas’ wife, very conservative Jenny, bombarded then White House chief of staff Mark Meadows with letters

Between the 2020 and . elections The attack on Congress on January 6 Wife of Judge Clarence Thomas, the most reserved in Supreme courtI sent A barrage of text messages to the then White House chief of staff Mark Meadows pleads with him to take action to reverse the vote. “Save us from destroying America with the left.”, wrote the ultra-conservative Jenny Thomas, invoking one of the popular slogans on the right’s internet platforms. It was a reference to the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump would eventually win the election that would be “robbed” of him. to ‘Stolen elections’ has been talking for weeksthe same outgoing president.

identification Election Day on November 3 a “robbery”Jenny Thomas also spoke of outright electoral fraud in her letters – for example in Arizona. Jenny’s contacts with the Trump White House included Jared Kushner, an advisor to the former president’s son-in-law, and Sidney Powell, one of the businessman’s lawyers.

Text messages from Clarence Thomas’ wife have cast a shadow over the Supreme Court, Already considered highly politicized with Trump’s appointments. Among its judges, Thomas is the most faithful defender of the former president. Now his standing and his role on the court appears to be somewhat in jeopardy: the position of a lifelong Supreme Court justice but Jenny Thomas’ work threatens the credibility and reputation of the “sages” – so they are also called court justices – already battered. Appointment and confirmation system Which raises a lot of criticism.
The last example in chronological order is Kitagen Brown Jackson, nominated by Joe Biden to the Supreme Court. During confirmation hearings, Brown Jackson was attacked and criticized by Republicans, even those who voted for him for the previous office just two years ago. In the courtroom, we witnessed a political circus that reduced the scope of a historical event, such as the possibility of having the first African-American woman in court, which could have long-term repercussions.

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