Carl-Theodore Joe Gutenberg lands a completely new role in RTL

Former Secretary of Defense Carl-Theodore Sue Gutenberg (50) Is now in the TV company RTL Under contract. He will act as arbitrator Streaming Documentaries Accept leadership. This was reported by RTL Germany on Monday (June 27, 2022). You work together “Advanced Documentaries for RTL + Streaming Service”, The message from Cologne said.

“Ju Gutenberg will act as evaluator and interviewer in two 90 minutes Document broadcast Accept leadership. These will be added to the project later this year. “RTL did not initially release any details about the content.

Gutenberg, one of Germany’s most famous politicians, before the plagiarism scandal

Was to Gutenberg One of the most famous politicians in GermanyBefore leaving the Department of Defense in 2011. The trigger was something Top theft corruption. CSU politician his The doctoral dissertation was often copied by other authors And not marked. The University of Beirut denied him a doctorate. Zu Guttenberg later resigned from all his political offices. The former minister shifted the center of his life to the United States. There he received his doctorate British University of Southampton Is wearing it again Title PhD (Doctor of Philosophy).

Carl-Theodore Buhl-Baron von and Sue Gutenberg Hailing from Gutenberg, a Franconian noble family. He studied from 1992 to 1999 Law at the University of Beirut And was a member of the District Council of Gulbach District for many years.

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