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After some time, the “Selassie case” reappeared. The final decision regarding Giulio Besiri, the Selassie sisters’ father, is surprising. previous givins, Jessica, Lucrezia, and Clarissa, They are not real princesses. The ruling is the Swiss court. Here was the confirmation of the sentence on the father of the former VIP contestants in 2021. The man, according to what we read in Oggi, will have to serve a sentence in a cell and return 13 million euros. The Court of Appeal and Criminal Review of the canton of Ticino sentenced Al-Basiri to six years in prison.

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Sisters father Selassie He is accused of “professional fraud and repeated document forgery”. The man will have to serve the rest of his sentence in Lugano prison in Switzerland. The amount of 13 million euros that he will have to pay corresponds to the amount stolen from businessman Silvio Tarchini, lawyer Battista Ponti and bank manager. The son of an Italian Negus of Ethiopia and an Ethiopian woman, Giulio Beceri was deceiving these people (and others) by declaring himself a member of the former imperial family.


In this way, he was letting everyone know that he would be able to access the treasure German bonds of at least 200 billion euros. And using his tactics, he was convinced of this Italian businessmen and Swiss to be financed with millions and millions of euros, by which he lived in luxury. All this with the promise that he will share his treasure with them. In the course of this scam, as determined by the Swiss judiciary, Al-Busairi showed forged documents from the German Central Bank and papers signed by the German chancellor. He was thus able to persuade entrepreneurs to obtain financing to pay lawyers’ salaries and expenses so that, according to what he claimed, they could obtain the treasure.

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From the investigations conducted, it was found that there were many who had fallen for deception. Indeed, there are those who have fallen on hard times, until they end up in poverty. Like, for example, the managing director of the Holiday Inn in Rome, Roberto Tedesco. The latter entrusted millions of euros to the father of the Selassie sisters. Finally, Giulio Peceri was arrested by a warrant issued by the International fishing The prosecutor of Lugano decided. The trial was necessary to remove all suspicion as to the crime committed by the one who pretended to be the nephew of the Negus.

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