Wendel Group is based on identity management

Michel Tournier, Chief Information Officer, Wendel Group Usercube is an essential building block of our IS and allows us to efficiently and quickly manage our IAM and IAG needs.

To better manage access and authorizations for its employees, the investment group Wendel has selected the IAM (Identity Access Management) tool in SaaS mode from Usercube.

publishedThe Wendel Group was born in 2002, under the name Wendel Investissement, after the merger and absorption of Compagnie gnrale d’industrie et de Participations (CGIP) and Marine-Wendel. Invests in leading companies and helps define long-term development strategies. Wanting to automate access and identities management as part of an overhaul of its information system, Wendel chose Usercube’s IAM (Identity Access Management) solution in SaaS mode.

As part of a profound change to its information system led by Michel Tournier, who is responsible for the company’s digital transformation, Wendel wanted to upgrade all management tools and internal procedures to increase performance, agility and safety. In addition to implementing the new ERP system in SaaS (Workday) mode, the issue of employee rights management, resource allocation, and good governance of access and authorizations appeared to be a priority. In fact, this complex and strategic move has not yet been automated, which could have many financial, operational and regulatory implications. So IAM was a core theme to be built in parallel with ERP. In this context, the implementation of a framework was launched to establish a structural framework and, in particular, to monitor the staff life cycle. The goal was also to allow managers to manage the rights of their teams and involve them in the process. The goal of the project was to automate and manufacture existing processes, enhance the security of information system access, take advantage of audits and proof of compliance, and track authorizations, but also increase the security and resiliency of information systems.

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More flexibility in rights management

To meet these expectations, Wendel’s group chose an ISO 27001-certified Usercube solution, which is seamlessly integrated into the various information system building blocks, from ERP to CRM, including collaborative and directory tools. This now makes it possible to efficiently manage a group’s IAM and IAG (Identity Access Management) policy. This is planned to expand its use of new environments and business applications in order to be able to implement global management, set up re-certification campaigns, manage giveaways and virtual resources and publish SOD (Separation of Rights) rules for Workday ERP. According to Michel Tournier, Director of Information Systems at Wendel Group, the solution is a central building block in IS, which allows them to efficiently, quickly and simply manage IAM and IAG needs. Platform performance and openness, linked to simplified implementation, particularly thanks to SaaS, are powerful elements that allow us to gain flexibility and security in our rights management processes.

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