Thousands of people without internet and phone service in Canada

Toronto /

Hundreds of thousands of people in Canada were without internet, telephone and television service on Friday due to problems faced by the country’s main telecommunications company, Rogers Telecom.

The massive blackout began around 9:00 AM ET (1:00 PM GMT) on Friday.

Rogers has not yet reported the reasons It only indicated in a statement that it was aware of the problems and was working to restore service.

The power outage also affects the country’s emergency phone number, 911, as well as banking services.

On the country’s east coast, the operator of the Confederate Bridge, which connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick and is the country’s longest, warned that it cannot process electronic payments and that all operations must be cash-making.

In Toronto, the country’s largest city and one of Rogers’ main markets, hundreds of people use the city’s open subway network to access the Internet.

In 2021, Rogers suffered another massive blackout that the company blamed on a software update issue.


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