Storm Eunice Weather: Red alert with hurricane winds at 200 km/h. Risks in Italy

Red alert in Europe for a double stormAnd the’ Red alert in Europe due to pass Storm Eunice This is already unleashed Hurricane winds up to 150 km/h and dangerous Storms along the coasts.
The weather is expected to get worse from the UK and the Netherlands to Germany to Poland. It will be essential to understand The path of these hurricanes in order to assess the risks also for Italy.

Bad weather continues to affect much of the UK; In the last few hours the storm Dudleyeven baptized since then office metAnd the The official British meteorological agency has already erupted over the United Kingdom, the North Sea and the northern sectors of France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and even Poland and the Baltic republics. at Scotlandespecially storms that exceed 130 km / h Capable of causing waves up to 10 meters high.
In addition to storm winds, Dudley You are already provoked heavy rain With local flooding, especially in the southwest of England. Thanks to the drop in temperatures, he’s back after a long time too ice On the English and Scottish hills in the form of real storms due to strong winds.

And this is not all, quite the contrary. after DudleyThere will be room for a second storm, called Eunice. This hurricane will mainly affect Germany, the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Baltic republics At least all weekend.

British official sources (the Met Office) stated that one was reached on Friday afternoon Speed ​​up to 196 km/h (K Category 3 hurricane on the ladder Sapphire Simpson) On the Isle of Wight, the strongest ever recorded in England.

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Expectations talk about strong gale winds At 150 km/h, especially on the shores of the English Channel. And the wind will be accompanied by showers and possible Snowfall on the hills in Midlands Even in the north.
It is also the most alert state in Germany Where a notice has been issued by the National Weather Service for A powerful hurricane with a speed of 120 km / h. pure in Holland Strong winds of up to 100 km/h are expected in conjunction with the arrival of Storm Eunice.

According to the current data Italy will find itself on the edge of these great storms Downhill from the North Atlantic. On the Mediterranean basin there is actually a large basin high pressure area It actually serves as a shield (at least for now) against hurricanes and cold raids.
But there will still be some consequences in the weekD, even in our country, where the weather will not be completely calm.
We will keep you informed.

Strong winds from the hurricane over central and northern EuropeStrong winds from the hurricane over central and northern EuropeWaves up to 10 meters high in Great BritainWaves up to 10 meters high in Great BritainSnow falls on the Scottish and English hillsSnow falls on the Scottish and English hillsA gust of 196 km/h.  England's strongest hit (Source: Met Office)A gust of 196 km/h. England’s strongest hit (Source: Met Office)


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