Appointment in an Unknown Land: What is Banned Production in Viani

France 2 broadcast on Tuesday 25 May an unprecedented episode of A meeting in an unknown land, Where Viani immersed himself to meet the Afar people in Ethiopia. Very happy with the welcome from his hosts, the singer wanted to leave them a gift, but the production dissuaded him from that. Reveal the causes in TV entertainment.

Viani immersed himself for ten days in a remote tribe in EthiopiaAfar people. Coach the sound He revealed to his fans about his participation in the show A meeting in an unknown land Last January, when he was boarding a plane to this famous destination, it was not known to him since then, fans of the singer and the show, They were waiting for the release of this unpublished authorship. On this Tuesday, May 25, millions of people finally manage to follow Viani’s travels alongside Rafael de Casabianca! between Passion, laughter and sharing momentsViani was an open and attentive host. So much so, that Catherine Robert’s companion managed to bond Close links with this nomadic people, Despite the language barrier.

Also, at the end of his adventure, the singer wished Leave a gift, Such as His clothes or shoes. But the show’s production has it aggressively drape. Viani revealed the reasons In columns TV entertainment.

“We can help better and differently.”

The outfit I’m wearing gave me from production. I have nothing for myselfAnd the Viany explained. I thought it might help them, in particular The right shoe for the mountainSaid the singer, who could not follow his idea. Frank Dyplank, Program Editor-in-Chief, He officially forbade me. We can give them things, but from home. They have their lives, and we have to take care of them“, It is to explain.

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Journalists from TV entertainment Then he asked If the production of the show left anything to Avars nonetheless. “Yes but No clothesAnd the Amal girl’s friend responded. rather Arabian camel and one hundred kilograms of sugar and flour. They need it more. A pair of Quechua sunglasses, that would’ve otherwise broken something. Beware of Poisoned Gifts: We can help better and differently “, Concluded the singer, who admitted it was “Transformation” By experience.


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