Mad Max (Especial).

remembers a lot Max: Fury Road, not less. Which is that the movie was a credit to him 10 Oscar Nominations Get Six Figurinesas well as a group of approx $375 million worldwideAnd of course all the affection of the audience.

Now the actor Kyle Buchanan will reveal all about the film’s creation process in his book swet and Chrome: The Wild and True Story of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’which premiered on Tuesday, February 22nd.

However, the most striking in the sliver made out Vanity Fair She is the main actress Charlize Theron He said His confrontation with co-star Tom Hardy was ‘horrific’who is most recently best known for playing Venom for the Marvel movies developed by Sony Pictures.

In the book, the cast and crew convey their thoughts, including how the lead cast’s feud “almost derailed the Oscar-winning film,” according to the entertainment agency. website.

We were like my dad in the front of the car. We were squabbling or rubbing each other, I don’t know which was worse, and they had to deal with it in the back. It was terrible! what we should have done; We should have been better. I can recognize thatTheron quotes.

Co-star Nicholas Hoult said:Sometimes there was a tense atmosphere. It was like you were on your summer vacation and the adults in the front of the car were arguing“.

He also states that group members refer to two completely different personalities, with Hardy being “too provocative” and Theron is the exact oppositewhich leaves a great tension in the air.

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Theron said it wasn’t just “Hard Shooting” and that she was “surviving” and “scared”, but also that co-star Hardy often made her and the crew wait for scenes to be shot..

This came to a head when the South African-born actor sat in full makeup waiting for three hours, before Hardy showed up. Camera operator Mark Goellnicht said so Theron cursed Hardy as “disrespectful” for delaying production, prompting Hardy to “go to her” and ask her what she said..

He was very aggressiveGoellnicht said in the book.She really felt threatened, and that was the turning point, because then she said, “I want someone to protect.” Then she had a product that was set to be with her all the time.“.

hardy I played the main character crazy maxa role originally played by Mel Gibson in 1979, and in his testimonies collected in the book he admitted that the situation overshadowed him.

“The pressure on both of us was exhausting at times. What I needed was a better partner, maybe more experience in me. This is something you can’t fake. I like to think now that I’m older and uglier, I can be up to the occasion.He said in the excerpt that was published in the article.

The 2015 movie is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where he wanders Max helps rebel Furiosa find her home with a group of female prisoners while being hunted down by a tyrannical ruler.

In total, he received six awards Oscar for Best Film Editing, Costume Design, Hair and Make-up, Sound Mixing, Editing, Production Design.

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Currently, the movie can be watched on HBO Max with subscription and services like Prime Video, iTunes, Claro Video, YouTube and Google Play with additional payment.

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