Confirmed: Michael Keaton Will Play Batman in

The single movie of the fastest superhero is based on Flashpoint, one of the most popular comics, in which Barry Allen travels to the past to avoid his mother’s death using “Speed ​​Force”.

After months of rumors and speculation, even by the actor himself, Michael Keaton He has officially confirmed that he will reprise his role as Batman In the single film of Sparkle. Film directed by Andy Moshette Will explore DC Multiverse With different versions of the same characters in an alternate reality.

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In fact, Keaton wouldn’t be the only one Bruce Wayne To appear in the movie starring Ezra Miller Because in his solo adventure, the Scarlet runner Batman will meet his “reality.” Ben Affleck. That was through your acting agency, ICM partners, How Wrapping He confirmed Keaton’s presence in the film, which is just beginning to be filmed in the UK.

The solo movie for Sparkle You will be inspired by Bright spot, One of the most famous plots in the comics in which he is used Speed ​​force o Speed ​​Force, travels back in time to avoid his mother’s death.

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Thing Sparkle It achieves … but with disastrous results, because by modifying the past, I have created it A terrifying new reality Where the Amazon and the Atlanteans led Wonder Woman y Aquaman, In a row, they launch a terrible war that is about to destroy the planet.

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For this part, Superman He is a weak foreigner under government control and undergoing various experiments on a military base Matt Bruce Wayne. His parents were Thomas and Martha, Who escaped a deadly robbery at the gates of cinema. As the millionaire seeks revenge and turns into a cruel Batman, she is seized by madness, lost her mind and transformed into a horrific villain known as … clown.

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It will be within this complex web of parallel realities and alternate universe where Keaton’s version of Bruce Wayne will have a place. Batman (1989) and the Batman Returns (1992), Both films were directed by Tim Burton.

next to Keaton, Affleck and Ezra Miller, In the cast Sparkle Sasha Calle has been confirmed as Supergirl and Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdú and Ron Livingston as Barry’s parents. The film is scheduled to premiere in November next year.


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