Germinal (France 2): Internet users surprised by the final match of the series

Broadcast on France 2 from October 27, German Just aired its last episode. The adaptation of Emily Zola’s novel kept millions of viewers in suspense, especially as they were shocked by the mini-series finale.

This is one of these fall events. Since October 27, France 2 has presented viewers with a new adaptation of Emil Zola’s famous novel Germinal, which tells the story of Etienne Landier, a young man employed in Montso’s mines. Throughout the pages we follow his journey, his encounter with the beautiful Catherine he loves and his long struggle especially after the fall in the wages of miners. He and his comrades did not hesitate to go on a violent strike.

Supported by an incredible cast of Guillaume de Tonquédec, Louis Peres, Thierry Godard, Alix Poisson and Natacha Lindinger, the adaptation of France 2 was highly ambitious and filmed with the most events since a portion of the cast fell ill. “Filming took place from September to February. It’s an epic shoot, more hours and the weather will not always be on our side என்ன What a German! “, Theory Goddard explained Current wife Last October. Some have caught the Govt-19. “Of course, despite the gestures, Can’t hide ourselves in front of the camera. And so on We had to stop because the director, cinematographer and many actors and extra people were sick.

“I can’t pick up the phone”

In addition to the difficulties of filming, the series wants to be more modern, so some things changed We used the time we lived, I have to say something that happened a hundred years ago. This is not a copy and paste of the book, You have to kill the original in quotes Can create his own vision “, The actor announced in his interview. Some of the changes shocked the audience but many of them won.

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During the broadcast of the last episode, they did not hesitate to salute the work of the product on social networks. “Fantastic series #Germinal. The actors are all great. I could not pick up the phone. ⁇Alix Poison and all the actors and actresses it was amazing moving powerful #Germinal I wish there was a sequel! I had very good evenings and wish everyone the best of luck“, We can read on Twitter. “Truly incredible German, this is my public service », Writes a user who is completely stunned by this adaptation. Consensus to taste!


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