Highways, goodbye toll booths: now you won’t have to pay anymore |  Early Christmas gift
Free Highways: Everyone’s on the road for Christmas

Goodbye toll payments, now you can move freely and keep money in your pocket: a real celebration.

For many people, cars are an innate passion, which fills us with fire and adrenaline in some moments, but also helps us to relieve stress and relax in other moments. However, for many other people, as well as for enthusiasts themselves, The car is above all synonymous with everyday life. There are many citizens who use it day after day to go to work or university.

A large proportion of workers must Traveling on the highway network To be able to reach their workplace, therefore they have to face the problem and hassle of toll booth every day. You stand in line, you get your ticket, and at the highway exit, You pay based on the distance traveled.

Those who travel daily on motorways have undoubtedly taken into account the Telepass season ticket that helps us save time and money, but even with this type of ticket we cannot cancel the expenses. However, not everyone knows that There are a lot of free methods that are completely free That we can all travel.

With the Christmas holidays approaching and the imminent departure of many Italians, it is important to know this What are free highways and where are they located?, in order to also organize your trip based on this information. The cost of traveling on the highway is not small, and saving never hurts.

All highways are free

When we talk about highway networks, we must distinguish between one country and another. Although the European Union traditionally unites many of its member countries, highway management is one of those matters that falls within national responsibility. In fact, if you choose the ticket in Italy, Many other European countries offer completely free motorwaysExcellent for Christmas destinations.

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there Germany, Belgium And Dutch There are three countries that offer completely free traffic on highways – and also of excellent quality. The same goes for almost all Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden and Finland), for example Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and many other European countries (United Kingdom, Armenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Georgia, Albania, Cyprus). Also in Ukraine And RussiaUnder normal circumstances, highways are free.

Vignette of the Swiss Autobahn

Payment by vignette: what it is and how it works

In addition to the show and free tickets, there is a third way: “cartoon”. This is the payment Lump sum Which allows the highway to be traded for a specific period of time. in Swiss You pay around €42 for 14 months of trading, while…Austria Offers different levels of ten days, month or year. Other countries in the poster are Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania And Bulgaria.

Countries that offer instead a ticketin addition to Italy, is France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Belarus, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, North Macedonia And Greece. Knowing the tariffs of foreign highways is important information for those who often cross national borders or are preparing to leave abroad, and can be an excellent incentive for travel.


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