Send a poison message to Trump.  Woman sentenced to 22 years in prison –

Pascal Ferrer He wrote and sent a letter to the then President of the United States Donald Trumpbut he has now been sentenced to 22 years in prison for containing that circumstance ricinIt is a highly toxic vegetable protein. The 55-year-old French-Canadian woman made it at her home in QuebecViolate the law prohibiting the possession and use of prohibited biological weapons.

The woman confessed with the intention of making the gesture and that she had produced the poison herself in the September 2020before entering it into a file Message to the White House. Eight other similar letters have been sent to the same number of law enforcement officials in the state Texas. In addition to the poison, the letters all contained threatening messages, with an order to withdraw from the upcoming elections. This was reported by the Ministry of Justice.

The prosecutor Michael Friedman He said the punishment was “appropriately harsh punishment”, which sends a clear message. He added, “There is no excuse for threatening government officials or targeting civil servants, let alone the President of the United States himself.”

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