What happens next is heartbreaking

We are in Kursk, Russia, in the middle of winter, when a motorist encounters a dog, motionless in the middle of the road.

Roadside dog (YouTube / Animal Friends) – Ecoo.it

This time, the video released by J.JAnal animal friends youtubeIt comes from Russia exactly From the city of Kursk. A motorist, returning from work, is traveling along a lonely road, when he comes across an animal lying in the middle of the road. Approaching, he notices that it is a dog, motionless. It may have been run over and there is nothing else that can be done for it.

Some cars avoid the poor corpse and drive straight, instead of the protagonist of the video, decides to withdraw. In fact, it is noticed that the animal is still alive, but it is moving slowly and trembling. Scared and shivering from the winter cold. Among other things, as can be seen in the photos released, the road is wet, and yet the dog does not intend to get up. His coat is drenched.

The dog is standing in the middle of the road. What happened to the poor animal?

The man got out of the car, approached the poor animal and urged him to leave the dangerous road. He tries to push it gently, but the dog stares at him desperately. His eyesight is sad. there is something wrong. Meanwhile, a long line of cars formed behind the man’s car. However, the man now Focus on animal health.

Picking up the dog and putting it in the car (YouTube / Animal Friends) – Ecoo.it

cool dog It’s -15 degrees in the airBut why not move? He is wearing an old collar, now worn out, from which a piece of broken rope dangles. Perhaps the dog ran away and tried to get as far away from his handler as possible, He walked to the end of his strength. Now, however, he has no more hope. There are many hypotheses, and people are full of doubts. He didn’t know what to do anymore.

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A few minutes later, another person stopped and got out of the car to help. And so the dog is gently lifted and placed in the car. Inside the car, the man and his wife They check the condition of the animal well. He doesn’t look hurt, just exhausted. This is a small dog about two years old, with a white and brown coat. However, hell could be seen in his sight.

Abandoned and weary by the wayside, the story that moved the web

The doghouse is covered in snow and Yara is playing (YouTube / Animal Friends) – Ecoo.it

The dog is affectionate, does not look aggressive, however, the couple cannot keep him, he is only on vacation in Kursk, and after a while he will have to leave again. what should be done? the man Call an animal charity, who reports that there are no dog shelters in the city. However, a volunteer decides to meet the couple to collect the animal.

thanks relay, Yaraso Pitbull is called immediately, after two long months He arrives at a temporary shelterIn the heart of Russia. The owner has not been tracked. The dog is docile, kind, intelligent. Only he knew what he had to go through. There was also a hint of worry in his eyes, but the worst seemed to be over. Still awaiting adoption.

We wish the best for poor Yara, a happy life in the company of a caring and loving owner, she is a very special and lovable animal. Among other things, the reputation that the Pitbull breed bears is not entirely charitable. Oftentimes, it is considered a brutal, dangerous and aggressive breed indeed It always depends on the kind of education he receives by human masters. There are many testimonies of affection from such a dog, as in the video Kitten mistaking a pit bull for his mother.

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