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Pope Francis has arrived in Mongolia. The plane carrying the pope landed at the capital’s Ulan-Bato International Airports. The Pope was received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. After a short reception ceremony at the airport, he proceeded to the Apostolic Seminary. On the first day in Mongolia, Pope Francis will have no other commitments.

“I send best wishes to Your Excellency and to the Chinese people as I pass through your country’s airspace on my way to Mongolia. I assure you of my prayers for the well-being of the nation, and I invoke all divine blessings for unity and peace.” which is text Greetings telegram sent by Pope Francis to Chinese President Xi Jinping during his trip.

During his daily briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Beijing wanted to “strengthen”.
mutual trust” with the Vatican. “China is ready to continue working with the Vatican to engage in constructive dialogue,” he added. “This will enhance understanding and enhance mutual trust,” the spokesman said, adding that “this will promote the process of improving relations between the two countries.”

Hours earlier, upon his departure from Rome, the Pope also sent a telegram of greetings to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. “As I am about to leave Italy to make the first visit of the Bishop of Rome to Mongolia, in order to meet such a noble people and small but lively Catholic community, I wish to thank Mongolia. Mr. President, to you and me to all Italians A heartfelt greeting, which I accompany with hopes for fruitful commitment for the common good, and with prayers to God to support those in charge of solidarity initiatives.He reads the text of the telegram.

Mural on the occasion of the Pope’s visit

Understanding Mongolia with the senses

“Someone asked me about going to Mongolia, a small people in a big land. Mongolia seems to go on forever, and the people are few in number. It would be useful for us to understand this silence, so long, so great. It would be useful for us to understand not intellectually, but with the senses. It would be good to hear some of the music of Borodin, who was able to express the greatness of Mongolia.” Pope Francis said this during the flight to Mongolia, welcoming the accompanying journalists on board.

Apostolic Journey Program

The apostolic journey that will take Pope Francis to Mongolia from August 31 to September 4, under the theme “Hope Together”, is the 43rd trip of his papacy and will bring the number of countries visited by Francis to 61.He is the first Pope to travel to the country that still lives in the legend of Genghis Khan. The approximately 8,280 km flights between Rome and Ulaanbaatar are particularly long and demanding: 9 and a half hours round trip, 11 and 20 hours round trip. Six hours for the time zone. The program includes political, institutional and pastoral meetings with the small local Catholic community and interfaith meetings. The pope is scheduled to deliver five sermons, all in Italian, during the four days he will spend in Mongolia.

The first two days will be devoted exclusively to the official welcome. After arriving at Genghis Khan International Airport. Saturday September 2nd at 9.00 am local time (3 am Italian time) the welcome party is scheduled in the Schbata Squarea.m. 9.30 (3.30 Italian time) courtesy visit to the President of Mongolia, Okhnagyn Khurelsukh, at the State Palace; 10:20 (04:20 Italian time) Meeting with the authorities, civil society and the diplomatic community in the “Ikh Mongul” room of the Statu Palace. Then at 11.00 (5.00 Italian time) the meeting with the President of the Great Council of State, Mongolia’s unicameral parliament; 11.10 (5.10 Italian time) Meeting with Prime Minister Lovsanemsrine Oyon Erden. In the afternoon at 16.00 (10.00 Italian time) a meeting with the bishops, priests, missionaries, consecrated men and women and pastoral workers in the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul.

On Sunday, September 3, in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, the Ecumenical Interfaith Meeting is scheduled for 10:00 (4:00 in Italy) in the “Hun Theater” and at 16:00 (10:00 in Italy) Mass in the “Steppe Square”.The meeting with philanthropists and the opening of the Casa della Misericordia are scheduled for Monday 4 September, the last day of the visit; at 11.30 (5.30 Italian) the farewell party at Genghis Khan International Airport; and at 12.00 local time (6.00 Italian time) The Pope departs for Rome, and is expected to arrive in Fiumicino at 17.20.

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