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Victims’ attorneys on Thursday hailed it as “the largest conciliation agreement for sexual abuse reached with a university in the United States.” Some had very harsh words against the USC and considered T’s actions blindr George Tindall to defend his reputation.

“Sometimes the nurses who attended the exams looked the other way,” the complainant said of the anonymity at a news conference via the Internet.

A Los Angeles court on Thursday confirmed a conciliatory settlement of $ 852 million and more than 700 victims. “A fair and equitable agreement,” the USC said in a statement.

This amount is in addition to the previous contract for $ 215 million, which ended at the end of 2018, as part of a group action taken at the federal level. More than 16,000 former patients of the gynecologist have joined the operation.

The law firm Manly, Stewart & Finalty responded that the size of the conciliation agreement, signed on Thursday, averages $ 1.2 million per plaintiff, “testifying to the enormous damage done to our clients by the tyrannical actions of George Tyndall”, which refers to only 234 women.

“It also says a lot about USC’s crime, which has employed Dindal for thirty years, ignoring tons of complaints and evidence of wrongdoing he committed,” the company continues.

“I want to be clear: the USC and its officials know! All the news releases in 2018 claiming that they are falling from the sky are a hell of a lie. We have proven it,” Attorney John Manley told a news conference.

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Photos, lies and rapes

The Dr George Tyndall, now 74, has been charged with hundreds of counts of sexually abusing female patients since the 1990s.

He is said to have taken photographs of his patients’ genitals and made obscene comments about their appearance, as well as racist or homosexual comments.

According to the witnesses, the gynecologist often lashed out at foreign students, especially Asian students, who were not fluent in English and not used to gynecological examinations. Some of the complainants were also D.C.r Tyndall lied to them, claiming to have diagnosed a stomach ailment in order to give them an inappropriate test.

Despite multiple reports, the doctor never cared until an internal investigation was triggered in 2016 by a nurse who decided on abnormal procedures.

The gynecologist, who has always denied the facts, did not stop retiring in 2017 under a contract with USC.

According to John Manley, George Dindal received “almost, 000 200,000” on this occasion, while the largest amount a plaintiff received for class action was 000 96,000, which was “obscene”.

The USC president resigned following the scandal surrounding the lawsuit. Carol Fold, who succeeded her as president of the prestigious university, said she was deeply saddened by the pain these women had endured and praised her “courage to testify.”

In addition to the out-of-court settlements, the patient’s complaints prompted a police investigation into the doctor.r Tindall.

He was arrested in June 2019 and charged with sexually assaulting and raping a total of twenty women, and for the facts since 2009, the complaints have been relevant for a very long time.

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The Dr Tyndall is currently out on bail and faces up to 50 years in prison if convicted.


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