The spy behind the stolen US documents is 21-year-old National Guardsman Jacques Teixeira –

From our correspondent
New York – no Possible moleFrom the secret documents of the Pentagon have a name: Jack Teixeira21, reservist who served in Air National Guard Intelligence, air component of the Massachusetts National Guard (each state has its own unit, they are part-time soldiers who train once a month).

New York times Not yet confirmed for sure He is the mole but makes it clear that Teixeira is in charge of the chat on Discord, a platform used above all by video game fans, Where the documents were released for the first timeto then also be shared on 4chan and on various social networks, as previously reported by investigative website Bellingcat and The Washington Post.

The Thug Shaker Central on Discord has gathered about twenty people, Many of them are teens who share a passion for guns and video games. Two anonymous officials confirmed to The New York Times that investigators wanted to speak to Teixeira about the leak. theThe FBI declined to comment on the caseShe only said that she limited the search to a limited number of individuals. President of the United States Joe Biden He had said in the morning that the investigation was well advanced, adding that he was concerned not about the contents themselves being posted online, but the fact that this happened in itself.

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