Discover the secret of the mysterious structures of the deserts –

It does not depend on work The White TermiteThey are not messages for flying saucers UFOIt has nothing to do with the toxins of the particular herb that lives in it Deserts. the Fairy circles (Known in the international scientific community by the English definition of Fairy circles) caused by it A combination of drought and soil characteristics. The study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Alicante led by Emilio Gerado, Published on With peopledebunks all the most innovative previous theories.

In Namibia and Australia

So far imaginary circles, It was first identified in the deserts of Namibia and South AfricaIn 2014 they were also seen in drier areas of Australia. Instead of that New mapping, making use of satellite data, drone footage and artificial intelligenceIt reveals that it is more widespread: it has been identified in at least 263 sites in fifteen countries on three continents. In desert terrains that all have a similar characteristic: Rainfall is less than 200 mm per year and the soil nitrogen content is low. “Our study provides evidence that imaginal circuits are more common than previously thought,” said Manuel Delgado Baquerizo, one of the authors of the research.

– Fairy circles (and zoom) in Australia

Circles in the desert

The combination of these two elements leads to the formation of circles with a diameter of up to 10-12 meters inside The soil is completely bare, bordered by a ring of tall grass. These formations can persist unchanged for up to 20-30 years, and in extreme cases up to 70 years, and then deteriorate and disappear, occupied by the thorny weeds that border them. Another Spanish scientist, Jaime Martinez Valderrama, added: “We took into account multiple variables that had not been taken into account before, such as albedo and the state of the aquifers.”

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