It would be naive to buy that cut with your eyes closed - release


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On Friday, it became Total Energy, a group ready to invest in green energies and reduce carbon emissions. But from Uganda to Tanzania across the Arctic, oil will still be a business tomorrow.

Total died. Long live TotalEnergies! In the plural, energies, just to emphasize that the name change that will be registered on Friday at a public meeting opens a new era for the oil giant, the era of greening its activities taking into account the necessary reduction of fossil fuels to face the climate. Requirements. No more black gold, green gold, wooden cross, iron cross, if Patrick Poyani, President of Total, lies, he will go to hell with a plumage of tar on his buttocks! This pink version … of its green transformation is what the oil group will seek to sell today by presenting its new logo, its future investments in green energies, especially solar energy, and its goals to reduce emissions. Carbon by 2030 or 2050 it would be naive to buy that cut with your eyes closed. How many companies have benefited in recent years from the rise of public opinion before …

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